About One-on-One Foundation

For the last 25 years Joan and Amy Margolis, the owners of the Brooklyn Learning Center, have personally underwritten education services for several students. In 2008, they expanded their aid further into the community in order to support even more students by founding the One on One Foundation. The One on One Foundation strives to help families in New York City who lack access to academic services that others enjoy.

A core belief of One on One is that individual, one-on-one intervention can address a wide range of educational problems including children’s reading and writing disorders and related difficulties such as organization and planning. In fact, The New York City Department of Education recognizes that such focused individualized treatment is a “best practice” when working with students facing unique learning challenges. Unfortunately, the cost of this type of one on one intervention is high and can be beyond the scope of the Department of Education’s resources. One on One raises funds to provide these services for students in our community.

The One on One Foundation assists students who are affected by the vast educational disparities across New York City that lead to achievement gaps in the classroom. Our mission is to provide the highest quality neuropsychological testing and tutoring for students with learning disabilities whose families cannot afford to provide privately what the Department of Education also fails to provide through public funds. We provide critical support to students who otherwise fall through the cracks in the system because learning disabilities are not viewed as a public health threat. Students with learning disabilities, however, have higher rates of school failure and worse psychosocial outcomes than children without learning disabilities.

Our Mission

The One-On-One Foundation supports underserved New York City schoolchildren and families by linking struggling students with the highest quality, state-of-the-art educational treatment they need.

Our mission is to connect One on One students to whatever they may need to achieve educational health and academic success from neuropsychological testing to pencils.